Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium - Kuwait City

Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium - Kuwait City

Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium – Kuwait City

  • Strengthened 70 slabs, 36 beams and 2 corbels using V-Wrap™ C200-H, totaling over 6,800 m² (73,000 ft²) of CFRP.
Kuwait, Kuwait
Project Team

Kuwait Government

Combined Group Contracting Company (CGCC)
Main Contractor

Specialty Contractor

Project Description

The Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium in Kuwait City, Kuwait, originally completed in 2009, is a multi-purpose stadium built primarily for football matches and athletics. Constructed with four levels, the stadium has a capacity of 65,000 seated spectators. It was initially expected to be ready for permanent use following its hosting of the AFC Cup final in November 2010, but cracks appeared in structural elements afterwards leading to a number of investigations and ultimate closure to the public.

In early 2015, Kuwait’s Amiri Diwan awarded the contract for facilitating repair works in the stadium to Combined Group Contracting Company (CGCC). STRUCTURAL, with its vast experience and expertise in commercial strengthening and repair, was awarded the sub-contract for Strengthening of Beams, Slabs & Corbel works by providing design-build strengthening solutions. The designs for strengthening using V-Wrap™ carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) was undertaken by the STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES U.S. team, based on the investigations and analysis reports submitted by CGCC hired Engineer Burro Happold. SPME was given a hard deadline of 30th September, 2015 for completion of its scope of work.

A diverse on-site team, comprised of both regional and U.S. based personnel, was put together specifically to manage such a fast paced high profile project. Thorough planning during initial phases of the project helped overcome the challenges. Some of these included the lack of material availability locally, management of different governmental regulations and procedures, and the training and supervision of an inexperienced crew of 45 labor supply men. The implementation of a regimented safety and quality plan ensured the successful completion of the work, in spite of these obstacles. High team morale was maintained throughout the project duration which, combined with the effective execution of the intensely planned schedule led to substantial completion of the scope of work on 15th August, 2015, an impressive 45 days ahead of deadline.

In finishing the project, SPME strengthened 70 slabs, 36 beams and 2 corbels using V-Wrap™ C200-H, totaling over 6,800 sq. metres (73,000 sq. ft.) of CFRP, which was finished with a fire-retardant coating of Albi Cote. In addition, 24 new columns with neoprene bearing pads were cast by STRUCTURAL’s Form & Pump technique utilizing BASF MasterEmaco ® S423, to provide additional support to existing corbels.

The JAIS project is yet another Design & Build strengthening solution success story for STRUCTURAL in the Middle East, being an outstanding project from multiple levels in terms of client satisfaction, works performed, quality, safety, schedule and profitability.