Basement Repair in Abu Dhabi

Basement Repair in Abu Dhabi

Basement Repair in Abu Dhabi

  • Concrete strengthening and repair with slab bonded overlay
  • Waterproofing rectification work by curtain grout injection
Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Project Description

The building is located in the city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is a newly-constructed residential building in the heart of the capital. STRUCTURAL was hired to stop water leakage in the lower basement level where an existing waterproofing system had been compromised and to add additional strength to the existing concrete slab.

After identification of the sources of the water ingress through cracks, STRUCTURAL’s team prepared the layout for the insertion of ports for injecting a grout curtain using Turbo-Seal elastomeric polymer rubber plus additives. Ports were inserted in a 600mm matrix in two directions across the area to be treated. Drilled holes were 18mm in diameter and 450mm deep (i.e. to the bottom of the installed slab). The injected grout encapsulated voids in the failed waterproofing system beneath the slab.

The existing concrete slab required strengthening due to water pressure being exerted from beneath. Following the grout curtain injection, the top surface of the slab was cleaned and prepared. Holes for the dowel bars 14mm diameter and 120mm deep were drilled into the concrete. Dowels were fixed in place using an epoxy resin anchoring grout. Additional reinforcing steel was installed and tied in to the dowels. A 150mm thick slab enlargement was poured using ready mix concrete.

The newly-placed slab was cured for a period of 14 days. And before handing the project over to both the Client and Consultant, STRUCTURAL conducted a final detailed inspection of the end result.