Parking Basement Repair at Al Reem Island

Parking Basement Repair at Al Reem Island

Parking Basement Repair at Al Reem Island

  • Vacuum Assisted-Tendon Re-Grouting – 1040 Tendons
  • Construction of New RC Retaining Wall – 180 x 3 x 0.24m
  • Crack Injection – 300 m
Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Project Description

This mixed-use development in Reem Island, Abu Dhabi included several high-rise towers was completed in 2010. In less than 5 years from completion, the parking basement has demonstrated cracking and spalling of concrete.

During further investigation of the structure, it was also found out that some parts of the PT tendons were ungrouted. This resulted to the acceleration of corrosion of the PT strands. In some areas, severe strand corrosion was present which require immediate action.

The existing condition of the structure rendered the parking space as being unsafe for use and has to be closed down.

STRUCTURAL’s final scope included:

  • PT Tendon
    • Tendon Locking
    • Tendon Replacement
    • Tendon Restressing
    • Grouting of Restressed tendons
    • Tendon Re-Grouting
  • Concrete Repair
  • Crack Injection
  • Construction of new:
    • Corbels
    • Beams
    • RC wall
  • Strengthening with CFRP for Damaged PT